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Full text of "Grenfell Support News, Issue 14, March 16, 2018"

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16 March 2018 I Issue No: 14 

Grenfell Support News 

update on 
fire doors 

We know that residents will be concerned 
after hearing that an issue with a fire door 
from Grenfell Tower was identified. 

Police tests discovered that a fire 
door from Grenfell Tower which was 
believed to resist fire for up to 30 
minutes - as required by building 
regulations - failed after approximately 
15 minutes. 

Like hundreds of councils and 
landlords across the country, we are 
in contact with Government and the 
police to understand what this means 
for our buildings and our residents. 

To properly understand what has 
happened, the Government has 
instructed that additional testing 
and inspections of fire doors from 
the same batch of doors installed at 
Grenfell and a sample of other doors 
takes place. 

As soon as we have clear advice from 
the Government about the safety 
implications of these tests, we will 
write to our residents about what this 
means for them. The Government are 
currently telling local authorities that 
fire safety advice remains unchanged. 
We are urging the Government to 
move as quickly as it can to give us 
clarity about the situation. 

Following the transfer of the borough's 
housing stock from Kensington 
and Chelsea Tenant Management 
Organisation to the Council, we are 
continuing the five-year programme to 
replace and upgrade fire doors across 
homes in the borough. 


1 Important update on 
fire doors 

2 Update on the Grenfell 
Tower site 

2 NEW drop-in advice 
and information event - 
21 March 

2 Family Friends support 

2 Return of personal 

2 International Women's 
event *Women Together 
for Grenfell' 

3 Activities Programme 

at The Curve Community 

4 Support services on offer 

4 Housing update 

4 Community kitchen garden 

4 Care for Grenfell 

More information on fire advice is available from central Government: 


For regular updates please follow us 




The newsletter is also available in 
Arabic and Farsi languages. 


Grenfell Support News 

16 March 2018 

Update on the Grenfell 

After the tragedy in June, one of the first 
priorities for the independent site 
management team was to ensure the 
Tower was safe for people living nearby 
and also to give safe access to the 
police, so the investigation can continue. 
The police investigation work should 
finish by May 2018. Specialist advice is 
being taken by the team on next steps 

Tower site 

to continue to keep the site safe. 

In last week's newsletter we confirmed 
that the local community, supported by 
the Council, will lead on a decision about 
the longer term future of the site and 
will have the final say about what 
happens to it. In the meantime, we 
understand that many people find the 
sight of Grenfell Tower distressing. 

The process of covering the Tower 
is expected to be completed by 
10June2018. There are continuing 
conversations with families and relatives 
about whether an artwork 
or other remembrance idea is 
appropriate for the white covering 
itself, and we will keep you updated 
on any further decisions. 

NEW drop-in advice and information event 
- 21 March 

A drop-in advice and information event 
which is to replace the next Grenfell 
Scrutiny Recovery Committee meeting 
will be held at the Museum of 
Brands, Lancaster Road, W111QT 
on Wednesday 21 March The 
meeting will run from 3pm to 8pm. 
Officers will be on site to answer 
questions, and give one-to-one 

information on the ongoing Grenfell 
response. Everyone is welcome to 
come along. 

The Council will also organise additional 
private drop-in sessions for former 
residents of Grenfell Tower and 
Grenfell Walk, who will be contacted 
directly with further details. 

Family Friends support service 

Family Friends UK, a charity set up to 
support disadvantaged families living 
in Kensington and Chelsea, 
Hammersmith and Fulham and 
South East Brent, runs a special 
programme for families affected by 
the Grenfell tragedy. The free 
programme gives extra support to 
families affected by the tragedy, 
either directly or indirectly. 

Family Friends matches a reliable, 
trained, screened and supervised 
volunteer to a family, who provides 
three months of practical and 
emotional support in the family's 
home. The programme offers two 

hours of support each week. 

There are two schemes: 

Child Mentoring - for a child/siblings 
aged five-16 

Parent Befriending - for parents of 
a child aged 0-16 years. 

Opening times: 9.30am to 5.30pm 

Address details: Family Friends, 

73 St Charles Square, London 
W10 6EJ 

Telephone: 020 8960 9099 




Return of 

The Tower is still treated as a 
crime scene by the police, and 
therefore the return of personal 
property is taking time. All items 
recovered have to be logged, 
cleaned and documented by 
Kenyon International, the specialist 
contractor doing the work. 

They have a website with 
detailed information on what is 
happening to your property. 

Please visit 
grenfell. You can ring them on 
01344 316662. You can also contact 
Matt Hogan, Site Project Manager on 

07920 534378. 

Women's event 
'Women Together 
for Grenfell' 

Date: Saturday 24 March 
Time: 4pm to 9pm 

Location: The Tabernacle, 

Powis Square, W11 2AY 

Come along and share your stories, 
hear from inspirational speakers, 
network, eat and drink. Wheelchair 
access and creche available. 


Grenfell Support News 

16 March 2018 

Activities Programme at The Curve Community Centre 

Saturday 17 March 

• llam-lpm - Coffee morning to 
celebrate St Patrick's Day 

• 2pm-5pm - Community Mosaic 
Workshop with Emily with light 
refreshments (please book) 

Monday 19 March 

• lOam-lpm - Five-week textile 
course (please book) 

• 12pm-3pm - More learning and 
play (please book) 

• 3pm-5pm - ESOL CV and job search 
workshops (please book) 

• 5pm-7pm - Homework Club 
(ages 11-16) 

• 5pm-7pm - Young people's support 

• 6pm-8pm - ESOL - English for 
beginners classes (please book) 

Tuesday 20 March 

• 9.30am-12pm - ESOL - English for 
beginners (please book) 

• 9.30am-2.30pm - Assertiveness 
training (day 1) 

• 10am-3pm - Fouzia's Sewing Club: 
sew, stitch and knit 

• 10.30am-12.30pm - Helping 
children deal with loss 

• 12.30pm-2pm - ESOL - English for 
beginners classes (please book) 

• 5pm-6pm - Children's yoga 
(ages five-12) 

• 6pm-7pm - Adult yoga 



x ^ 0 

Wednesday 21 March 

• 9.30am-2.30pm - Assertiveness 
training (day two) 

• 10am-12pm - Coffee morning 

• 4pm-4.45pm - Healthy snack time 

• 5pm-7pm - Homework Club 
(ages five-11) 

• 6pm-8pm - ESOL - English for 
beginners classes (please book) 

Thursday 22 March 

• 10.30am-12.30pm - Helping 
children deal with loss 

• 11am-12pm - Baby massage 
with Semira 

• 1pm-3pm - 5 to Thrive parenting 
workshop with Danielle 

• 2pm-4pm - ESOL CV and job 
search workshops (please book) 

• 4pm-4.45pm - Healthy snack time 
(12 places available - drop-in) 

• 4pm-5.45pm - MEND family activity 

• 4pm-6pm - Therapeutic arts with 
Emily (ages five-11) 

Friday 23 March 

• 9.30am-11.30am - English 
communication and conversation 
class with Midaye 

• 9.30am-2.30pm - Developing 
confidence (part two - please book) 

• 1pm-3pm - Parent support drop-in 

• 2pm-4pm - Back to work support 
& advice (please book) 

• 4pm-4.45pm - Healthy snack time 
(12 places available - drop-in) 

• 4pm-6pm - Celebrate Iranian 
New Year (Nowruz) Come to The 
Curve to celebrate Nowruz with 
light refreshments including 
traditional snacks! 

The Creche is open 10am to 12pm 
and 1pm to 3pm on Monday, 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 

and is for parents attending 
appointments or courses at 
The Curve. To book, please email: 

The Curve Community Centre 
opening hours are 10am to 8pm 
Monday to Friday and 11am to 

6pm on weekends. 

Some sessions need to be booked 
in advance to secure your place, so 

email and 

they will confirm your reservation 
by return. 

For a full list of events visit 


Grenfell Support News 

16 March 2018 

Support services 
on offer 

Anyone who would like to speak to the 
police in relation to the investigation 
into the fire is asked to contact the Met 
Police on 0800 032 4539 

Important Contacts 

Cruse Bereavement Care 

Call the Freephone helpline on 

0808 8081677 or email 

The helpline is open Monday-Friday 
from 9.30am-5pm. Extended hours 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
evenings, until 8pm. 

Replacement UK passports, visas 
or immigration queries 

Call our advice line on 0300 303 2832. 
The line is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, please see 
your doctor or call NHS 111. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions about 
housing or want to find out who 
your housing officer is please call 

0800137 111 or 020 7361 3008 

Victim support 

Call 08081689 111 for practical and 
emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

The Grenfell Muslim 
Response Unit also offers additional 
support. Find out more byemailing 

You can also get physical and mental 
support at The Curve Community 
Centre. Call 07712231133 

Hestia, Central and North West 
London NHS Foundation Trust, 
and the Drug and Alcohol Service 

are based overnight at the Notting 
Hill Methodist Church, Lancaster 
Road, from 10pm to 8am. 

Pop in for a chat and support. 

Housing update 

Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk 



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those available an aur 1-Game Coined ans wcbaJfe Households currently 1 Irving in temporary 
accomrradaLiori provided by Ihe Ccurcil or aui partners also Have the aptran la make lh£se 
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ta xave into A teitpoiary home, we will hu!p Ld fnd ptrvale rented accom modal ion 
'/it vrill help Yi'iCh Tumrlure bedding and cuttery. while goods and unities 

Households in 



moved into 

Temporary $4 

Pemwnflnl 62 

offers accepted 

Temporary S 

Pennanem 8l 

These numbers are accurate as of 15 March 2018 

Community kitchen garden opens 

The opening of the community kitchen 
garden at The Clement James 
Centre and St Clement and St 
James Church took place earlier this 
month. The North Kensington Centre 
and Church played a very special role 
following lastjune's Grenfell Tower 
tragedy. The centre's garden was a safe 

space for survivors and evacuees. With 
support from the Council, the garden 
has now been expanded and a brand 
new kitchen garden built. The project 
has linked hundreds of people together 
and encouraged neighbours to get to 
know one another. 



Care for Grenfell 

The Care for Grenfell team helps 
anyone who has been affected by the 
Grenfell tragedy and offers a single 
point of access to all Council services 
and support. 

This phone line is open from 8am to 
8pm and also provides an out-of-hours 
service which can be reached on the 
same number. 

1 Call: 020 7745 6414 | Email: 

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